Asian Casinos - Bringing Las Vegas to Asia

Casinos are an ultimate gambling destination for travellers worldwide. The enthralling experiences of gambling in the most luxurious casinos are unexplainable like The music, the noise, the spirit of playing the joyous games in an elated surrounding all add up to the awesome casino experience. There is a chance of losing or making money, but that doesn’t real matter and the thrill of gaming overshadows this moneymaking ideas.

Asian Casinos – Replicating Las Vegas

Asian Casinos widely replicate Nevada and give Asian gamers a feel and experience of the real Las Vegas Casinos. Not only places like Singapore and Macau pose a serious threat to the Casinos out there in the Las Vegas. They not only try to construct casinos as replicas of Las Vegas but also the surrounding areas and structures are built up in the same way as Las Vegas to give gamblers the 100% feel of being in Las Vegas.

Macau - China:

Macau is fondly called as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient”. Macau was formerly a Portuguese colony and now seriously relies on the gambling trade. Most interestingly it has successfully overtaken Las Vegas in terms of revenue generation. The Gambling industry is well developed and fully equipped to entertain and amaze gambling enthusiasts around the world. There are around 30 casinos scattered around Macau to uphold the gambling experience. Coming to Macau will definitely unveil you the real secrets of joyous life.


Singapore is one destination that is truly competing and capable of becoming the world’s top casino destination. Although Singapore has just two casinos, both of them are really magnificent and impressive to attract tourist around the world. The two major players in the Casino industry are the Marina Bay Sands Resorts and the Resorts World Sentosa.

Marina Bay Sands:

The spectacular structure of the Marina Bay Sands Resort actually lights up and sparkles up the sky above the streets of Singapore. The main attraction here is the SkyPark sky terrace that runs along the top of the complex's three towers and embraces a splendid infinity pool coupled with numerous restaurants, gardens and nightclubs all these fascinating features are alighted high over the city and this gives the traveller a 360-degree view of Singapore’s skyline.

The resort has created various cross trading activities that would develop the overall economy. It hasnumerous designer boutiques, several superstar restaurants, as well as the world’s largest atrium casino. If you think this is too much to digest, hold your breath, there is lot more. The resort possesses the largest light and water show in the entire South-Eastern Asia, an ice arena, and a canal running through its boutiques, where guests can drift through and enjoy the amazing view of the Shops and the beauty of the resort relaxing on a traditional sampan.

The Resort World – Sentosa: This beautiful resort and casino is present on the islands of Sentosa. This is yet another magnificent and pricey structure hosting a huge casino with a number of restaurants. The resort also has some world famous tourist attractions like the Universal Studios Theme Park, Asia’s largest sweet shop – the Candylicious, Marine Life Park – The world’s largest oceanarium, The Adventure Life Park and the S.E.A. Aquarium. What more you want? Come and fall n love with this magnificent magnitude.

South Korea: South Korea is another favorite casino spot of the Asian Continent. The amazing fact about the casinos in South Korea is that, the citizens of South Korea are forbidden from entering inside these casinos. Only foreign national are permitted to enter them. The island of Jeju-do and Seoul houses most of the casinos in South Korea.The Paradise Casino Walker Hill in Seoul is the largest casino in Korea.

It is equipped with modern amenities and has a lot to offer to its foreign guests. This casino on the bank of The Han River is impressively popular among tourists. If you a person who would love nature and peace, the casinos in the islands of Jeju – do is the right destination.The island houses 8 casinos and is a real haven to natural lovers.

The Kangwon Casino is the only casino in the entire region that allows local South Korean citizens and is situated outside Seoul.

Kuala Lumpur:

The only sole player in the Casino industry in Kuala Lumpur is the Genting Highlands. It is located just outside Kuala Lumpur. It is the only legal casino that is land-based in the entire Malaysian Country. The Genting Highlands is one world-class casino’s that stands proof to the world’s modern structural development. Situated in a hilltop complex it can be reached by car or cable car. It has a chain of restaurants and hotels and houses Malaysia’s biggest theme park. With all these fascinations Genting is sure to enthrall you.

Cross–Trading & Economic Development:

The Emergence of Casinos has given rise to various trading activities in and around the casino locations. This has led to the overall development of the economical status of the countries and also led to the increase in revenue generation and local trade development. The Tourism and the hospitality industry is seeing huge growth and the various taxes levied on Casino’s help in the overall social and economic growth of the country as a whole.

The Cultural changes affected by Casinos:

The advent of casinos ahs definitely led to the improvement of the social and economic stature, but it also has its share of ill affects on the local traditions & culture of the native place. Due to the rise of the gaming effect, people tend to loose their own identity and fall behinds the ideology and try to replicate something out of their originality.


Final Word:

People, mainly the generation of the youth has to understand the level of gaming and gambling that is really profitable for them and their wallets. Too much of indulgence in this game of chances might sometimes convert them to addicts to such pricey lifestyle. The attitude and ability to draw a line between the reality and the leisurely hyped world is the most essential requirement in today’s world, where vacation and travelling has become a necessity rather than a luxury.